EHEDG Organisation

Underkomitéen Produktprogram

The Product Portfolio Sub-Committee is concerned with:

  • forming, tasks and duties of EHEDG Working Groups
  • development, life cycle policy, and terms of utilization of the EHEDG guidelines and other documents
  • development, life cycle policy and terms of utilization of EHEDG training material
  • principles of the EHEDG product certification

The above scope is further detailed in comprehensive manuals describing all related Standard Operating Procedures (see links below).


Chairman: Dr. Peter Golz
Tel. +49 69 66 03-16 56

Co-Chair: Tracy Schonrock
Tel. +1 703 5 03 29 71


See Bylaw no. 4 on Product Portfolio (PDF)

See Sub-Committee Product Portfolio SCP’s (Standard Procedures, subject to completion) (PDF)